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Association Activities

1)Spread information by seminar activities

We provide the seminar that up-to-date information from each bureau, the company efforts which hired foreigners and to share successful cases, also solve the problem cause hiring foreigners. 

2)Consultation about hiring foreigners

 Explaining the procedures for changing the status of residence associated with the recruitment of global human resources in Japan and overseas and the contents of support work as an accepting organization (company),
we will provide detailed support related to precautions and applications for hiring, and support the complicated work of personnel.

3)Assistance for association member’s company

Assistance for explanation of the procedures to the companies that accept status of residence and support for specified skilled Visa.

4)Recruitment site exclusively for foreigners

We ask the detail of applicants’ particular position and necessary skills and then update the new job posting, 

5)Employment of global human resources in Japan and overseas and support for job seekers

Assistance for applying Visa from overseas. 
We will support appropriate make procedures of changing Visa status from your current Visa status.
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