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Support in our association

Support services unique to our company

  • Implementation of specific skill test measures for Food service, lodging, food manufacturing, and building cleaning
  • We will help you pass the Specified Skills Measurement Test
  • Notification of host organization and preparation of support plan
  • Act on behalf of the host company for applications such as changing the status of residence.
  • Select people based on necessary Japanese language skills, skills, nationality, etc., and introduce human resources with performance rewards.
  • Dispatch domestic residents as interns until they pass the exam.
  • After completing the exam, you will be switched to direct employment after completing the visa changing procedure.

Support work defined as a registration support organization (it is possible to entrust all support to this organization)

【Before changing residence status before entering Japan】

  • About the contents of specific skills employment contract
  • Activities that can be performed in Japan
  • Conditions for staying in Japan

【Before arrival in Japan 】​​​​​​​
  • Pick-up of foreigners at the airport.
  • Support for securing housing such as guarantor of lease contracts
  • ​​​​​​​Support for opening a savings account at financial institutions such as banks
  • Support for contracts related to the use of mobile phones
  • Support for other contracts necessary for life

​​​​​​​【After arrival in Japan 】
  • General knowledge about living in Japan
  • ​​​​​​​Knowledge of notification and other procedures to the national or local government
  • Acceptance company / Registration Support Organization Complaint Applicant and National / Local Government Complaint Applicant
  • Knowledge of medical institutions that can receive medical care in languages that foreigners can understand
  • Knowledge about disaster prevention and crime prevention, as well as knowledge necessary for emergency illness and other emergency responses
  • Dealing with that you are violating the laws of immigration or labor
  • ​​​​​​​ Providing an opportunity to learn Japanese necessary for life in Japan (assuming about 10 hours of class time)
  • Provide support for promoting exchanges between foreigners and Japanese
  • Reemployment support when the foreigners is fired because of company’s reason.
  • Translation of No. 1 Specified Skills Support Plan for Foreigners (Must be written in a language that the foreigner can understand)
  • The support manager or support staff must have regular interviews with the foreigner and their supervisor.
  • Regarding occupational life, daily life or social life from the foreigner,
  • If you receive a consultation or complaint, must take advice, guidance, or other necessary measures
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