For foreigners who find the job in Japan

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For foreigners who find the job in Japan

1)Introduction of job openingcompanies and backup to job offer

Introducing recruiting companies and backing up from interviews to job offers for those who finding a job in Japan.
We will ask you all the details of your request and introduce the recruiting companies according to your request.
We will provide detailed support from making resumes to interviews, and providing full support until you get job offer.

2)Provision of information on recruiting companies through the recruitment site

For those who are looking for job, we will frequently update the job information and send the latest information.

3)Support for obtaining status of residence

We provide application support for obtaining resident qualifications for specific skills and Specialist in Humanities/International Services.
Steadily support the procedure for changing from the current status of residence.
We will provide appropriate advice based on compliance.

4)Dispatch of information through various seminar activities

We will send information on trends in each industry, also the latest information on domestic laws and regulations.
Employment consultations are held based on the voices of seniors who have succeeded in finding employment in Japan.
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